Page 1: Live West Ealing Community Survey

In 2017, TfL announced £114 million of funding to improve local environments across London through the ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ programme. The programme provides funding for boroughs to make positive changes to streets which contribute to improved conditions for walking, cycling and public transport. These improvements also help to improve air quality and increase local people’s activity levels through reducing traffic dominance. Businesses will also be supported by making local town centres more attractive and accessible.

The Live West Ealing project, which forms part of TfL’s Liveable Neighbourhoods programme, is a joint venture between TfL and the London Borough of Ealing which aims to create a comfortable and sustainable neighbourhood where people feel safe, and in which they want to spend time.

We aim to achieve this by making your streets feels less traffic-dominated, creating new community spaces (as well as improving existing spaces such as Dean Gardens), and making it easier to travel across the neighbourhood on foot, by bike or on public transport.

The Live West Ealing project includes:

  • Gateway Spaces – places which change the ‘look and feel’ of the neighbourhood and which make you feel you have entered a new, less traffic-dominated space
  • Passageway Places – key areas people travel through on their way to and from the Broadway, but which might currently feel intimidating or poorly maintained
  • Special Places – community spaces such as Dean Gardens, where there is an opportunity to create new places where residents and visitors want to spend time
  • The Orchard Ring – a mini-network of smaller roads surrounding the Broadway, which could be improved to be safer for families walking to school, or cycle users who want to avoid the Broadway
  • Modal Filters – traffic filters which allow pedestrians and cycle users, but not cars, to pass. These aim to reduce opportunities for drivers to shortcut away from main roads and give streets back to residents as well as facilitating walking and cycling through the neighbourhood
  • The Broadway – the heart of West Ealing, the A4020 is currently difficult to cross, and heavily used by motor traffic passing through West Ealing. We want to make the Broadway easier to navigate for those on foot, cycle, and using public transport, and to change its look and feel. This is a major undertaking, and we will present our proposals for this element at a later date

You can read the feasibility study that gives more detail about the proposals here:

We are presenting you, as a resident, with our proposals. This is your opportunity to have your say and help shape the future of West Ealing. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer the following questions. These questions are general to the project. We will consult further on the individual schemes listed above at a later date. You can tell us your thoughts via this survey or alternatively call us on 0207 017 2350 and we will send you a paper copy.

Please fill in this survey. We estimate it will take at least 10 minutes to complete the survey.