Page 1: Introduction

Thank you for taking part in this survey. It will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Sustrans are assisting Huntly Development Trust (HDT) to deliver the Places for Everyone project for the Huntly Travel Hub to create a safe walking and cycling route to school. To help the project evaluate the schools needs regarding local infrastructure, we want to know a bit about how you travel to school and why you choose to go this way. As the project progresses, we would like your feedback on where these projects have adapted to your needs, and where there are gaps in the assistance you need from our work with you.

The survey will close on Friday 25 June.

Data Protection

Sustrans is committed to protecting your privacy and we work in full compliance with Data Protection legislation. We are collecting this data as a legitimate interest in order to evaluate local needs and assess project specifics provided to you by Sustrans. Your data will be processed anonymously and your personal data is held separately. You have the right to access and update the data we have about you. Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy explains your rights, who has access to your data and how we safeguard your personal data.

If you want to find out more about the survey you can contact the Sustrans Infrastructure Officer, or get in touch with Sustrans Research and Monitoring Unit at 

2.2. Please tell us how you normally travel to school...
3.3. Please tell us how you would prefer to travel to school...

Note: Wheeling refers to use of wheelchair or mobility scooter.

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

4.4. How confident do you feel...
From 1 - 'Not at all confident' to 5 - 'Very confident'
12345I don't do this
Walking to school on your own
Walking to school with others
Walking outside of school
Wheeling to school on your own
Wheeling to school with others
Wheeling outside of school
Cycling to school on your own
Cycling to school with others
Cycling outside of school
Cycling on road

This part of the survey uses a table of questions, 

5.5. How safe do you feel...
Very unsafeUnsafeNot sureSafeVery safeI don't do this